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The Problem with Choice

We are products of our past choices and our future is as predictable as the choices we make today. Choices are tricky because there a many things that work underground to influence whatever we choose to do.

Choices vary in weight and consequences; some have lasting effects on us while others are just “one of those things” issue. We must be very careful when making choices whether big or small. For example, making a relationship choice is weightier than making a choice about what to eat but a wrong food choice can be as problematic as a wrong relationship choice at a long run.

Choices are elastic in nature and can be dealt with, with proper support. We can deal with whatever choice we have made with proper information, education, mentoring and counselling. We can prayerfully handle past, present and future choices and their probable consequences. However, the problem with choices is that many of them are like the spider’s web. If an insect gets entangled in a spider’s web, it seems to me that, the insect normally feels, “I can handle this” and starts to struggle with it. Most insects never get free without some external help. An on-looker sees the web as fragile but it never is to the poor insect caught in it. Most people see people in difficulty as “stupid”, however, if that is true, then all human beings are. Someone once said “who does not need help?” I want to ask, who has never made a poor choice?

Another problem with choices is that many people get to a point where they fear that making a change in their life is very late. For example, many people who are having career problem may feel that making a fresh start is impossible but when placed side by side with a wrong choice, I feel that a new beginning is the winning streak. It is the mark of courage; it is the mark of a champion. It is never too late to make a fresh move. Some require gradual adjustments while others might require radical actions. If for instance you have been made redundant because of technological developments in your industry, you can choice to get some training elsewhere rather die bemoaning your “bad luck”. You can always find a way in life if you choose to have a positive attitude to life.

Do not be box-in by traditional way of thinking, like “the old wine is better”. Think outside the box, embrace changes and be positive. Life has many sides and you can always enjoy some fun even if there is “a shift” or change of horizon. What will friends think? I don’t know and I won’t suggest you do their thinking for them; you will be sapped if you choose to do that. What will they say? I don’t know but it is more likely they will be limited by their “environment which is always parochial, Judgmental and self-centred.” In any case, you are responsible for your life and accountable for whatever you choice. However, you are never going to sit down to give account to many of you “limiting influences”.

You can you to win today no matter what the challenges are. The first step could be making a good choice (a fresh start, maybe!). The next will be following it through with courage and focus. The journey is always better with God; so commit your ways to the Lord and trust him to come through for you. You have a friend in me – I want you to succeed.

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