Meet the Comforter

Happy New year.

Welcome to the year 2019. It will be great to travel the year with the Lord, considering the word of God in James 4:13-15.

It is advised that we set our love on the Lord if we want to enjoy an all round blessing in 2019; you can read this in Psalm 91:14-16.

Whenever you face a situation where you really need help consider Psalm 121. 

Trusting the Lord is very important as it will bring  about stability and protection against the authorities of the wicked.

Read about what you can ask God to do for you in every area of life. (Rom. 8:31-34). You will find that God will answer and grant your requests made through Jesus Christ, so long as your intentions are not evil.

Also Matth. 7:7 gives great comfort in time of need. 

You will be greatly comforted to know that God is on the journey with us. Check this up in Matt. 28:20.

We are borne on the wings of the Holy Spirit, so, relax. God is in charge.

As the year runs its course, let us run ours focussing on Jesus.(Heb.12:1-3.

The above and more can refresh your heart and are the reasons for me to say happy New year to you.

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