Meet the Comforter

You may have an opinion about the Royal wedding: The wedding of  Prince William And Princess Kate. What is it? I am delighted that this kind of thing happened in an advanced country. Royality is precious in Britain.

I read with amusement lots of comment in on the wedding and I felt “hum, what is this?” Prince William is our prince, nothing anyone says can change that, it was not a contested position so nobody should feel hurt about being  “out-played or cheated.” It was an appointment with destiny and it will be a shame if the Royal family and The British people failed to live up to their billing.

I know that some people don’t like the fact that a lot of money was spent on the wedding; according to some people, the money should be spend somewhere and on something else. This reminds me of when a lady poured a sweet smelling perfume on Jesus; some of his disciples complained; they wanted the perfume sold and the money to be given to the poor. Jesus comment was “let her be!” or better still “leave her alone.” “The poor are always with you.” I had a time to reflect on that scipture and marvelled at some implications of the discples thoughts. Those disciple felt Jesus don’t deserve the “presitege” of a great smell. I imagined that someone would have bought the perfume if it was put out for sale (would such a person use the perfume?). Assumig a thousand people bought the perfume and the final person still brought it back to Jesus; what would have happened? Please enjoy yourself and don’t pass on poverty. The way to encourage the poor out of poverty is never to deny the rich a little comfort, fun or their entitlement. Let the prince be and lets enjoy the wedding ceremony.

Well so much about a Prince and a Princess in the world; what do you think about our Prince of princes and Lord of lords. Do you think we need everybodies approval to celebrate him? Many people think so, and that is why most gathering of people “called church” have lost their bearing. They are doing ministry and want popularity and fame. The Church is not a place for such things. He is our King and Prince and we celebrate him always irrespective of who approves or refuses to approve our doing so in the Bible way. There is another great Royal wedding of the Lamb coming soon. It will take place whether people like it or not. You are invited. You must have seen an example in the Royal wedding that took place in London.

Your are invited.


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