Meet the Comforter

Strength For Your Day!

“He giveth power to the faith; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength” Isaiah 40:29″

Today, the Lord will give you the strength and the power that you need. He will give you the grace and wisdom to accomplish the task ahead of you. Believe God and be strengthened. Let the Strength from the Holy Spirit come upon you in a mighty way.

I have discovered that we get bugged down with lots of things that sap our mental and physical strength and in some cases our spirit gets weary and cast down. All that surrounds us at such times look dull and uninteresting. Friends and relations may not be in a position to offer encouragement. Sometimes too, prayers bounce back at us and the dread of life is so overwhelming – God seems so far away.

There was a man in the Bible who found himself in such a horrible situation. He know Jesus can help him but he was not sure if Jesus would; he said to Jesus “If thou wilt thou can make me clean” Mark1:40 (KJV)

The scripture says ” And Jesus moved with compassion, put forth his hand and touch him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean” Mark 1:41 (KJV). You may be in a desperate situation, down cast and confused about what to do and how to go about your day today. I bring you a Holy Spirit comfort this hour: God will see you through. Be of good cheers, there is help for you. The Lord did not only help the needy man in the scripture above. He showed him love. He comforted him. He did not blame him or ask how he got into the trouble, he helped him. Today God will show love and have mercy on you in all you set out to do.

God bless you.


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